Ad of the Week: Snickers and the Headless Horse…Man…

It’s October, which means it’s time for the Halloween themed ads!

Snickers has a new spot featuring the headless horseman, the horseless headman, and the headless horse…man. “You’re not you when you’re hungry”, is the Snickers tagline and let me tell you IT IS TRUE! You’ve probably seen the spots featuring Danny DeVito and Roseanne that play off the negative effects of hunger. They get cranky, eat a Snickers bar, and turn back into their real selves.

This particular advertisement plays on the headless horseman, but he is hungry and confused so what we get instead is an awkwardly large craniumed being called the “horseless headman”.

The kids are snarky like real kids, and after eating the candy bar the being realizes he’s actually a scary headless horseman and gets spooky in full effect.

I personally love the campaign because I get what my friends call “hangry” if I haven’t eaten. Words like “wrath” and “destroy” come to mind. Believe me, it’s not pretty.

Snickers does a great job of taking a real situation and making it humorous and relatable to their audience. Resonating with your audience is an ultimate goal of storytelling, and Snickers doesn’t¬†disappoint.

So kudos to BBDO and Snickers on this one, I think the horseless headman is an idea that could really go somewhere. And chocolate is awesome.